Oude Jeroenskerk - Church

Oude Jeroenskerk - 1 Oude Jeroenskerk (January 2012) - #2

After having undergone an intensive restoration lasting several years the tower of the Old Church of St. Jeroen (Oude Jeroenskerk) was opened once again to the public.

The walls of this tower in Noordwijk-Binnen are two metres thick, and visitors must climb 110 steps to reach the top. Once at the top (the tower is 40 metres high), you will be rewarded with a gorgeous view out over the unusual and green treasures Noordwijk has to offer.

The tower is currently open on Saturday from 12:00 – 16:00. Admission is € 3 per person.

Furthermore Oude Jeroenskerk is near the following sights: Swimming Pool BinnenZee (±900 m), Jumpin' Noordwijk (±1,1 km), Nature Center Jan Verwey (±1,3 km), De Rollygolf (±1,3 km) & Museum of Comic Art (±1,6 km).

For information:

Voorstraat 44, Noordwijk
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