Noordwijk, Flowers seaside resort


Through the years, Noordwijk has changed from a fishing place into a vibrant seaside resort with international allure. It is located in the famous bulb-growing area. The 13 km long sand beach, the atmospheric boulevard, the old centre and the beautiful dunes and forests form the décor of Noordwijk. The broad wellness arrangements in the surroundings make you feel at ease in a lovely way. Noordwijk offers two official nudist beaches too. The atmospheric restaurants along the boulevard of Noordwijk offer a surprising package of diverse colours, flavours and prices. Noordwijk is the day dream destiny by far. You have a broad choice of good accommodations, restaurants and terraces.



Noordwijk has a beach that is 13 km long with a lot of possibilities for enjoying, sporting, cycling and walking in the beautiful nature. Surrounded by grassy forests, rough dunes and laying in the heart of the bulb-growing area Noordwijk makes truth to its nickname. The beach is child friendly and accessible for people with a disorder. Surfers are very welcome as well. At the north side you will find the Duindamseslag. At this part of the beach it is possible to nicely draft through the waves on a horse.


You can perfectly relax at the beach or in one of the many restaurants and beach pavilions in Noordwijk. Relax at the beach, eat and drink on and around the boulevard, go shopping in the historic museum and discover the nightlife Noordwijk is known for. A lot of events and festivals are being organized in Noordwijk during summer.



Noordwijk is a charming fishing village that has changed into a popular seaside resort. You can perfectly relax in Noordwijk by going to the beach or to one of the many restaurants or beach pavilions. Noordwijk is the right place for people who love the sea and who are looking for a lovely weekend out. This ‘Flower bathing place of Europe’ lays in the heart of the famous bulb-growing area.

The apartment complexes, hotels, restaurants and terraces follow up on each other at the boulevard. You can take a lovely walk here during the entire year. Moreover; Noordwijk has two boulevards. North of Huis ter Duin is the modern Koningin Wilhelmina boulevard. When you go south, you will get to the older and more traditional Koningin Astrid boulevard.

Noordwijk is a destiny that you can visit during the entire year. During spring and summer you can take lovely walks at the beach, enjoy the sun or go on the water. And during autumn and winter you can catch some wind at the beach, enjoy the fresh air and visit the museums. You can go in the different catering services along the vivid boulevard for a snack and a drink. In the centre you can go shopping all you want. Take a look at the historic area of Noordwijk, where you can still taste the atmosphere of past eras.


Noordwijk’s biggest attraction is the beach, but this place offers more. During your visit to Noordwijk you won’t be able to miss out on the lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in 1921 and is about 25 meters tall. Another place of interest that you can’t miss out on when visiting Noordwijk is the Space Expo. A permanent exposition in which anything about space is being told. Discover the world of rockets and satellites and the European astronautics. There are a lot of scale models of rockets, space stations and astronauts.

During spring it is wise to get on a bike and take a look at the bulb-growing area, where the landscape is coloured by millions of tulips. The Keukenhof and the flower parade are most certainly worth visiting as well. Furthermore, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and the beautiful buildings in the historic centre of Noordwijk. But there is more to see, the dune landscape, diverse sculptures and special museums.