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An important cultural and historical monument dedicated to the life and work of the famous philosopher Baruch Spinoza. This house, where Spinoza wrote some of his most important works, offers a unique glimpse into his life and legacy.

What can you expect at Spinoza House in Rijnsburg?

Experience the historical charm and intellectual heritage

Visit Spinoza House in Rijnsburg for a unique and enriching experience that takes you into the world of one of the most influential philosophers in history.

Furthermore Spinoza House is near the following sights: Oegstgeester Golfclub (±1,8 km), Swimming Pool Aquamar (±2,0 km), CORPUS (±2,6 km), Space Expo (±2,8 km) & Mill and Lake Tour from Katwijk (±2,9 km).

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Spinozalaan 29, Rijnsburg
tel. +31 714 029 209 
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