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Located in the heart of The Hague, Kids Eiland offers a spectacular play paradise for children of all ages. With over 3000 m² of play fun, Kids Eiland is the most beautiful, cosiest and largest play paradise in South Holland.

What can you expect at Kids Eiland?

Experience the Ultimate Play Fun at Kids Eiland

With its extensive play options and child-friendly approach, Kids Eiland is the ideal place for an unforgettable day out. Whether you come to climb, jump, run or just have fun, Kids Eiland welcomes you with open arms.

Let your children play in the largest play paradise in South Holland and enjoy a relaxing day at the MegaStores shopping centre The Hague.

Furthermore Kids Eiland is near the following sights: Drievliet (±2,4 km), Panorama Mesdag (±2,4 km), Museon (±3,7 km), Art Museum The Hague (±3,7 km) & Madurodam (±3,9 km).

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Van der Kunstraat 119, Den Haaag
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