Surfles - 1 Surfles (January 2012) - #2

Did you know that a surfing class is actually a great way to spend your time? It’s fun, active, healthy, hip and even educational. And if the mere idea of surfing wasn’t already fun enough, then the real fun’s guaranteed to start once everyone sees the sea and tries to put on their wetsuits! It is a particularly humorous experience for those who have never put on one of these body-hugging suits.

After brief instructions, we will all hit the surf. The really great part about a surfing class during a group outing is that the participants already know each other, plus they will see a whole different side of their classmates once they're in the water. After the class, everyone can rinse off under the showers on the beach, get dressed, and then chill out at our partner and location host's facility, the Branding Beach Club.

Furthermore Surfles is near the following sights: Powerkite School (±225 m), Museum of Comic Art (±950 m), Museum Oud Noordwijk (±1,0 km), Swimming Pool BinnenZee (±1,2 km) & Nature Center Jan Verwey (±1,4 km).

For information:

Koningin Astrid Boulevard, afrit 4., Noordwijk
tel. +31 713 629 000 
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