Noordwijk is in one of the places getting relatively lots of waves at the coast and compared to the rest of the country the waves are a bit higher over there.

Sun, sea and surfing: the ideal mix for sports and fun! A lot of people assume you con’t surf. This isn’t true however, you see surfing is perfect here. Although it is a matter of timing as there are sure moments which it isn’t possible at all. Surfing predictions are making it easier for surfers. You know exactly when and how late you have to go surfing to catch those great waves of the North Sea.

Surfing location

The most beautiful thing about surfing is the special atmosphere around it. The combination of the beach scenery and the North Sea is a wonderful fullness. There are nowadays many suitable beachlocations for as well kitesurfing, golfsurfing as windsurfing. Beneath you find a review of the most known surfspots in the surroundings of Noordwijk.


    5-day wind forecast for Noordwijk

    Surf Schools in Noordwijk

    It is important for beginning surfers to take classes. Surfing is one of the most difficult sports to master the basis and when one is taking surf classes it gets a lot easier to master this sport along with more fun and safety.

    Do you also like to experience this unique sport? Just subscribe yourself for surf classes at one of the many surfschools. Beneath you find the local surfschool in (the surroundings) of Noordwijk.


    Did you know that a surfing class is actually a great way to spend your time? It’s fun, active, healthy, hip and even educational. And if the mere idea of surfing wasn’t already fun enough, then the real fun’s guaranteed to start once everyone sees the sea and tries to put on their wetsuits! It is a particularly humorous experience for those who have never put on one of these body-hugging ...

    Koningin Astrid Boulevard, afrit 4., Noordwijk
    tel. +31 713 629 000
    web. Website
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    Surf and Bike

    Langevelderslag, Noordwijk aan Zee
    tel. +31 620 679 152
    web. Website

    Beach Break

    Zeereep, Noordwijk aan Zee
    tel. +31 634 139 038
    web. Website