Katwijks Museum

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Located in the heart of the historic fishing village Katwijk, the Katwijks Museum combines a unique collection of paintings, ship models, and local history. This museum offers fascinating insights into the maritime history, art, and culture of Katwijk.

What to Expect at the Katwijks Museum?

Discover the Hidden Treasures of Katwijk

Experience the charm and richness of Katwijk's maritime history, art, and cultural heritage.

Furthermore Katwijks Museum is near the following sights: Mill and Lake Tour from Katwijk (±250 m), Swimming Pool Aquamar (±1,1 km), Space Expo (±2,1 km), Spinoza House (±3,1 km) & Local Museum Veldzicht (±3,5 km).

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Voorstraat 46, Katwijk
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