Lighthouse of Noordwijk

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The Lighthouse of Noordwijk, located on the Queen Wilhelmina Boulevard at the Lighthouse Square, is a prominent landmark with a rich history and a splendid view over the North Sea and the coastline.

What can you expect at the Lighthouse of Noordwijk?

The Lighthouse of Noordwijk is a historical monument that offers a unique insight into the maritime history of the Netherlands and is an indispensable attraction for every visitor to Noordwijk.


Practical Information

Whether you're a lover of maritime history, in search of a magnificent view, or simply want to add a unique experience to your visit to Noordwijk, the Lighthouse of Noordwijk is an attraction you don't want to miss.

Experience the historic beauty and panoramic views of the Lighthouse of Noordwijk!

Furthermore Lighthouse of Noordwijk is near the following sights: Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk (±300 m), Museum Noordwijk (±550 m), Play World Casino Noordwijk (±600 m), Museum of Comic Art (±650 m) & De Rollygolf (±750 m).

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Vuurtoren van Noordwijk
Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard 35, Noordwijk
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