FunGames - Attraction


No more asking: what are we going to do today? Experience the ultimate fun for everyone and win great prizes!

FunGames is an original American Arcade with various games where you can win tickets. These tickets you can redeem for cool prizes. With special coins from the change machine you can play at various machines, earn tickets and choose prizes. The better you play the game, the more tickets you earn.

There are plenty of games for young and old. FunGames is open 7 days a week.

Furthermore FunGames is near the following sights: Museum Oud Noordwijk (±50 m), Lighthouse Noordwijk (±600 m), Nature Center Jan Verwey (±700 m), De Rollygolf (±750 m) & Swimming Pool BinnenZee (±800 m).

For information:

Parallelboulevard 11, Noordwijk
tel. +31 713 618 284
web. Website