Lighthouse Noordwijk - Lighthouse

Lighthouse NoordwijkLighthouse Noordwijk

Since 1444 the beach of Noordwijk was being lit after sunset. A big fire was set to show the fishermen the way to the coast. In the 19th century the first wooden lighthouse was built in Noordwijk. The lighthouse as it now stands on the Wilhelminaboulevard at the Vuurtorenplein dates from 1921. The tower has six floors and a staircase with 108 steps. It is not possible to climb the tower but a walk to the lighthouse is well worth it.

Name: Noordwijk
Built: 1921
Tower height: 25,5 m
Light height (above sea level): 33,0 m
Floors: 6
Stair treads: 108
Manned: No
Open to the public: No

Furthermore Lighthouse Noordwijk is near the following sights: Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk (±300 metre), Museum Oud Noordwijk (±550 metre), FunGames (±600 metre), Nature Center Jan Verwey (±700 metre) & De Rollygolf (±750 metre).

For information:
Vuurtoren van Noordwijk
Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard 35, Noordwijk